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How functionally fit are you?  Do you know?  Can you handle everyday life and its requirements on your body?  Tacfit prepares you for daily life and events that may occur whether you are a first responder or an office worker. When Mens Health named Tacfit, the smartest workout in the world, they were not joking. Come see how Tacfit can assist you to grow to  your full movement capacity without injury. Come test your skill with recovery time and see your technique flourish.
What can Tacfit do for you?
1- Strength vs Power
First off, seems many don't understand the difference.
You may be strong, lifting heavy things...but if you can not translate or rotate that Strength over distance or range of motion, then you don't have Power. Power is Strength applied.

2- Mobility
Following on 1, mobility is the only way of regaining that lost ranges of motion, to use your Strength to create power of distance or range of motion. If you have lost mobility in your joints, you are aging faster. Look after your joints, ( you will miss them when they are gone) by moving each joint through its entire range of motion before every workout you do.
You are literally leaking power by not recruiting all the relative joints to performs the action. A stuck joint doesn't contribute to the accumulation of forces.
Think of a whip, if the one part of the whip cant move or is immobile, the whip wont crack.

3- Recovery
How fast do you recover in between sets, and in between reps?
Did you know your breathing has adverse effects on your performance, if not done correctly?
Do you know your Heart-rate is affected by breathing, and this impacts your ability to correct technique deep into a set, which we all know prevents injury??

4 Discomfort vs Pain
Get to know the difference ......
Rate your "pain" on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst pain you have ever felt)
NEVER venture above 3 out of 10.
Discomfort happens outside your comfort-zone, and where the "gains" happen. Pain happens when you pushed it too far and injury occurred.
Know the difference!!!
No pain no gain is false and misleading
No discomfort no gain is better.

Circular Strength Training & TACFIT addresses all these issues.

Come and experience it for yourself! Sign up for our FREE Trial week now!

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