Straight Sword Seminar




Deepen Your Straight Sword Training!

Straight Sword Fundamentals

Aiden Lottering will be teaching the fundamental techniques, solo drills, and 2-person matching practice for Sword training in a three hour seminar. Solo and partner practices will be taught, leading to freestyle Sword matching training. The Sword fundamentals that will be taught during these seminars are applicable to all Chinese Martial Styles that uses Straight Sword, including Long Fist and Tai Chi.

Sword training raises the Spirit to a higher level of awareness and focus, and is considered the greatest achievement in Chinese martial arts.

Sword Fundamentals Solo & Matching Practice

Cost: R350

Date:  7 May 2017

Times: 9 - 12 am

Instructor:  Aiden Lottering

NB!!  Latest booking date: 4 May

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