Chin Na Seminar

Chin Na

Chin Na (Qin Na) is the study of how to control your opponent. It uses joint locks to limit mobility, and attacks acupuncture cavities and other sensitive parts of the body with strikes, grabs, and other techniques. Chin Na is part of the course of study in almost all Chinese martial styles, and it can be a valuable addition to any other martial system.

This seminar will teach you basic locks that are effective and simple to apply. It caters for beginner to advanced students. Different levels will focus on different aspects. The focus of the seminar is not to learn many different Chin Na techniques but rather how to implement a few techniques in sparring.

Cost: R350

Date:  21 May 2017

Times: 9 - 12 am

Instructor: Aiden Lottering

NB!!  Latest booking date: 18 May

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