1 Minute Stress Management Seminar


Do you think it is possible to manage your stress levels in under a minute? Sounds silly does it not?

Think about when you started driving...

You probably had to learn how and when to press the clutch, when to break and change gears, how to keep the car on the road etc.

I bet that if you have been driving for a while, you can now jump into your car, start it and be off in under a minute, right?

That is what you will learn in the seminar, a simple and functional protocol which you can apply in under a minute..

How will you benefit?

  • Learn a easy stress management protocol that you can apply anywhere
  • Understand the rules of the mind and how you can use them to your advantage
  • Apply your own frame of reference into your protocol so that you can have sustainable stress management

Cost: R350

Date:  9 April 2017

Times: 9 - 12 am

Instructor: Aiden Lottering

NB!!  Latest booking date: 6 April

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