What is DragonFit

DragonFit is a cross-functional fitness program which is a culmination of all fitness and conditioning classes previously offered at Dragon Spirit. As with all previous programs DragonFit focuses on high intensity compound exercises to achieve functional muscle growth and fat incineration with the least amount of TIME investment


It consists of 4 types of classes namely:

MettleMax: Test your mettle with this cardio/ endurance challenge designed to kickstart your metabolism. Using functional, integrated body movements combined with interval training designed to incinerate fat and build lean muscle. Read more ...

BrawnBuilder: Strength is fundamental to any conditioning protocol. This class mixes compound movements with super strength protocols to build pure functional brawn. Read more ...

FxMob: Functional Mobility is essential for injury prevention, functional movement optimization and recovery. This class draws from Primal Move, Flow Fit and Yoga to offer you a breakthrough fusion of mobility philosophies. Read more ...

Dragon Challenge: This class is a surprise mix of the other classes. Designed to challenge and excite.


A brief history of Dragon Fit;

Dragon Spirit has a rich history in exploring cross functional fitness modalities to achieve goal oriented fitness objectives.

Around 2003 YMAA SA/ Dragon Spirit was one of the first training facilities in SA to introduce Kettlebell training, under the guidance of Shaun Cairns from Kettlebells for Africa. Currently 5 instructors at Dragon Spirit still hold their HKC certification. At the same time several YMAA SA/ Dragon Spirit instructors qualified themselves as Ashtanga Yoga instructors and both these disciplines were adopted as part of the training regime of our YMAA San Shou Athletes.

Since then Dragon Spirit coaches have explored an qualified themselves (above and beyong their expertise in traditional martial arts) in disciplines and training phylosophies as diverse as, Tacfit, Primal Move, Flowfit, Pole Fitness, Weightlifting, Gymnastics etc. At Dragon Spirit we pride ourselves in not getting stuck in any specific training phylosophy but rather we keep on exploring different viewpoints and approaches to be able to offer the best outcomes for our client's goals.



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