Benefits of training Pole Arts

Pole fitness is a challenging activity that works every single muscle in your body. Participating in pole fitness will get you firmed and toned. You can expect an improvement in physical appearance and general health and not only will you get stronger and fitter but you will have a tremendous improvement in posture, presence and poise.

One of the most exciting things about pole fitness, if you work hard and are serious about progressing in the sport, you will develop a lithe, toned, and flexible physique that are more "cut" and toned and less massively built. This is because from the start you are throwing your body weight up, down, and around. This tends to work the muscles throughout their full range of motion to develop the condition of the muscles as a whole, rather than concentrating on lifting dead weight in a specific way to affect certain muscles and muscle groups.

An integral part of pole fitness is strengthening the back and the core and this will lead to a better posture and a healthy, strong spine. Furthermore improved balance and agility as well as increasing flexibility and balance are more benefits.

Pole fitness is also a great cardio workout, so it benefits your weight management goals and also helps to keep the heart and lungs healthy.

With this sport you will quickly see the benefits to your body, mind, and spirit. Most of the time you are having so much fun you don’t even realize that you’re working hard and getting an amazing workout.

There are moves and tricks for ANY fitness level and level of ability. As your strength and skill develop so will the range of tricks and skills. You will never find yourself getting bored with your fitness regime.



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