Upcoming Dates (2015): 13 June

Time: Between 07:00 - 09:00 (Bookings close 2 days prior)


Body Composition: R150.00

Functional Movement Screening: R280.00

Dietician: R500.00

Why do assessments?

Due to the goal oriented nature of our DragonFit programs it is highly recommended that we measure progress. Assessment Days are held at 3 weekly intervals and focus on:

1) Body Composition: Body type, body fat %, muscle % etc.

2) Functional Movement Screening for movement optimization and injury pre-screening for rehabilitation. With the emphasis in sport to produce positive results, the requirement from sports medicine to assist in minimising injury and enhancing performance, is growing.  Athlete physical screening and prehabilitation has become more and more popular to assist in a successful season.

The physical assessment of the athlete allows the sport physiotherapist to obtain base data to:
a) identify past and current injury, which can lead to specific exercise prescription aimed at managing the condition and preventing further injury
b) determine physical changes over time, which is particularly important in the growing athlete and athlete participating in long hours of training/competition for one or more sports
c) assist exercise prescription for musculoskeletal conditioning - effective physical conditioning involves measurement, review and modifications to exercise training programs involving sport science and sport physiotherapy.





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