Chin Na in Sparring Workshop Series

6 Week Chin Na course starting 27 August 2016

Chin Na (Qin Na) is the study of how to control your opponent. It uses joint locks to limit mobility, and attacks acupuncture cavities and other sensitive parts of the body with strikes, grabs, and other techniques. Chin Na is part of the course of study in almost all Chinese martial styles, and it can be a valuable addition to any other martial system.

As promised, this 6 week workshop series is a continuation of the very successful workshops offered in 2015. It caters for beginner to advanced students. Different levels will focus on different aspects. The focus of the seminar is not to learn many different Chin Na techniques but rather how to implement a few techniques in sparring.

Cost: R850 (register by 20 August and receive 10% discount)

Date:  27 August 2016

Times: Saturday Mornings 11:00 – 12:30

Instructor: Corlius Birkill

Latest booking date: 6 April

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New TacFit Toys!! Clubbells


"Clubbell training is different from Kettlebell training. This was an interesting statement that lead me to do some more research on the tool. Just looking at the clubs and how they were utilised, made me think that they were just longer kettlebells.
I was very wrong. The design of the clubs make them very interesting to train with. It seems that the faster you try and go, the heavier they become. Clubbells is a phenomenal tool that promotes incredible grip strength. Above and beyond the
grip strength, I found that by training correctly with the clubs, I also started to build muscle. For me this is an amazing overall strength tool that no physical fitness fanatic should be without."

Aiden Lottering, head TacFit coach at Dragon Fitness

"I had done them all, and nothing made me so strong, so quickly and so injury free as the Clubbell"

See what else Scott Sonnon, founder of TacFit has to say about Clubbell training ....


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Come and try our new toys!!


New - BratFit!! ... Moms & Tots Fitness Class

Being new parents are not without it's challenges and one thing that struck Deidre and I are how difficult it is for Moms with toddlers ages 12-24 months to do a proper training session. There are some commercial gyms with an equipped play den and someone to keep an eye on your toddler while you train, however, at that age, toddlers are prone to separation anxiety and this exercise usually ends up quite traumatic for both toddler and parent. At the same time this time in the play den is essentially wasted as there are no specific, supervised neuro-developmental activities for your child during that time.

On the opposite end there are some franchised neuro-developmental programs in which one can enroll your toddler, which are well designed for toddlers but leaves the parent being unproductive.

Having watched Deidre training with Sidney at our facility we realised that there is indeed a way in which parents can get a brilliant workout (based on a combination of calisthenics, weight and bar work) whilst integrating the workout with specific neuro-developmental games for your todller. We have also established that there is a great need for such a class. This has led to the creation of our Moms and Brats Fitness classes to be launched in September 2016.

These classes are geared for Moms and toddlers aged 12-24 months. The class will be instructed by Deidre and Sidney leading the Moms with their toddlers as well as a nanny supervising rogue toddlers.

Class times: Wed & Fri 9 - 10 am

Starting: Friday 2 September


Pole Unity 2016

The annual Pole Unity Fundraiser is around the corner and this year our Pole athletes will represent Dragon Fitness Pole Arts with their own group routine.
In preparation for this event, the pole athletes have dedicated their Saturday evening to intensive training and rehearsals. They have made incredible progress with some having only 3 months experience.
Their improvements and dedication, through the cold dark nights, their team spirit and drive is inspiring to say the least!

The Pole Unity event will be on the 27th of August, at Movida in Rivonia. For those who wish to purchase tickets follow this link below.


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